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New workshop announcement:
DEI for Evidence Cultures

Are you a data team that cares about equity but isn't sure where to start?

Are you leading a team that solves complex problems with human data?

Is your organization struggling to upskill in data but also respond to calls for a deeper DEI focus?


This workshop is for you!

The way we use data and the way we measure people is a core place organizations can demonstrate a commitment to equity. But many data teams aren't used to being invited in to these conversations, and don't know where to start. 

Imagine being a team that's seen as an example of cutting-edge data work, AND cutting-edge equity understanding. You can get there.

In this package, Catharsis Consulting delivers an introductory workshop on how evidence cultures (e.g., data science teams, UX research teams, business analytics teams) can start from and consistently reinforce a rigorous consideration of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This workshop interweaves expert technical presentations along with interactive, small-group exercises, and is fantastic for project teams, leadership groups, and research teams. 

There are tools, techniques, and frameworks to help your teams include equity and DEI focus every step of the way.

In creating this workshop, Cat drew on over twelve years of experience as both a technical data scientist and fierce advocate for undermeasured and mismeasured human beings, having worked directly on complex research equity issues such as students with significant school absence, respectful research with aging populations, and measuring achievement in conditions of adversity. Cat's workshop approach is community-driven and collaborative. Rather than seeing “DEI” as an end state or a checklist, this workshop focuses on real-world action to create productive, systemic cycles of inclusive thinking. We believe that every organization must work through developing their own thoughtful frameworks that lead to concrete actions for their work, and that there is no single "silver bullet" or final answer for this work. Nevertheless, our workshop provides a starting place and important tools to move forward, curating evidence-based guidance from statistics, sociology, learning science, and critical experts on DEI topics in measurement. Perhaps most importantly, this workshop will help motivate your team to feel empowered, inspired, and welcomed to this work.

DEI focus in data work is a game-changer. You will understand your data better, make better decisions, and have a greater impact on the people you are trying to reach. This is not "soft stuff" or "culture" on top of technical work. This will make your technical work better. 

We’ll work through exercises on important core concepts like DEI implications for causal inference, and how viewing research, data and evidence through a DEI lens improves not just our understanding of marginalized individuals, but also our ability to ask questions about measuring impact for anyone. We’ll work through examples of how multiple functions can work together to develop informed metrics, and a decision-making template that helps every team member contribute to DEI-informed work during both project planning and analysis stages. We’ll also cover the basics on how teams can avoid common pitfalls of inequity while developing data-based approaches, such as underrepresentative samples and hidden biases in machine learning.

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My consulting has a simple philosophy:
People deserve to understand data, and the world needs data used for good.
I focus on Data Strategy for the real world driven by honest compassionate
human understanding, rigorous ethics, and meaningful inference.

Equitable Data
for everyone

Data Science
Causal Inference 
Predictive Analytics

YOU: Your business has data, and you know it's valuable and contains critical signals, but it's overwhelming to figure out how to look at it without wasting a ton of time, or you don't have the resources to focus on it. You need a deep, cutting-edge project on your data to inform an important decision, and you need to harness the power of cutting-edge methods to use your data to predict trends and behaviors.

Good news: I love helping clients truly learn to understand, get the most from their data, and efficiently dig out those critical business insights and findings. I provide consulting and statistical data science work, with the ability to go end-to-end in real, messy datasets. With both PhD training in statistics and years of Big Data experience in tech, I bring expertise in predictive and ML methods, data cleaning, and using data to produce actionable insight, not just numbers-fatigue. 

Evaluation Plans
Metrics & Impact

YOU: Your business has an interesting customer base with a voice you want to capture, or you're working on a new user scenario that you want to make sure you understand, or you've invested in a big program you'd now like to evaluate for impact. You need support making sure you've designed a plan that will put the right metrics and evidence behind your hard work. 

Good news: I design evidence and evaluation plans. I provide professional consulting rooted in years of behavioral measurement, focusing on issues like how we can measure complicated topics like whether a program is having a measurable impact on its users.

Qual & Quant Scaling
Research Strategy

YOU: Your business needs rich, qualitative insight on users to move forward, but you also want to move forward into more scalable, quantitative insight. Maybe you're not quite sure how to make the two sides fit. Maybe you have deep practitioner knowledge, but it's unclear how to scale it into your business' data growth. You need someone who has qualitative expertise AND data science, who understands how to build mixed-methods research projects.

Good news: You can skip years of trial and error with a collaboration on building sustainable research strategy. As a behavioral scientist, I bring in-depth understanding of research cycles and models for strategies to uplevel teams, transforming businesses from "static" snapshot projects into a scalable cycle. I bring tremendous respect, care, and lived expertise to both qualitative and quantitative teams. 

"I never knew research could be this useful, easy to understand, and immediately relevant to our business goals and deliverables. Maybe even fun?! After working with Cat I am comfortable with data in a way I never thought I would be."

—  Project Manager

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