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I'm a social scientist, learning researcher, data scientist and entrepreneur. I love complicated problems and kind people. 

I followed my love for complex behavior through a PhD in experimental psychology, where I learned to design rigorous experiments and fell in love with stats and measurement. I've built research on employee learning and development at Google, co-founded a tech startup which made software for teams collaborating on code, and collaborated with large companies, tiny nonprofits, political campaigns, and more!


I'm passionate about learning equity, access to opportunity, and how we make visible the invisible effort of people operating under extraordinary adversity.

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Desert Trees

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I was the Co-founder and Head of Research for a software startup focused on building tools for engineering teams collaborating with complex code. We focused on smarter, more automated documentation and capturing "in the moment" insights from code drafting.

Design Fellow, Design Lab

I was an inaugural postdoc and fellow in the Design Lab, a multidisciplinary research institute at UC San Diego. We explored peer-to-peer conversations and interface design cues to promote persistence and feedback in online learning environments.

Learning Analyst, Google

At Google, I led multiple original research projects and helped to design research strategy as part of a Metrics & Evaluation team focused on learning within the company. This included looking at large-scale people data and measuring the impact of company-wide programs.

PhD in Experimental Psychology

As a researcher in Psychology, I led more than half a dozen original empirical studies in learning environments. We studied over 700 children in the US and China, focusing on questions about how people learn to disclose mistakes and collaborate in learning environments. 

Freelance Research

I've tackled wild research challenges across multiple consulting projects, including designing behavioral tasks for dogs, conducting semi-structured interviews across three countries with engineering teams, and working  on innovative product designs in care work, financial literacy, and healthcare design.

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