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🤖 Cat Hicks, PhD 🦄
Social Scientist | Data Scientist | Storyteller


I'm a research leader, a behavioral scientist, and a creative entrepreneur. 

I'm the VP of Research Insights at Pluralsight Flow, where I study how to help Developer teams learn and thrive. I lead Catharsis Consulting, an evidence science think shop that does research + data.


I've always lived at the intersection of different (and sometimes opposing) worlds: a data scientist who cares more about how we measure things than the bigness of our data, a creative fiction writer with a mathy bent, and a rigorous researcher who is laser-focused on social impact and the messy interactions of the real world. Ultimately, I love using data and stories to make better sense of the world, and I envision a human-centered, heartfelt future for our data understanding. 

If you think we could collaborate on cool work, I'd love to hear from you!

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