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I've been a writer my whole life -- from childhood journals to publishing poems in college, from academic research papers to scifi short stories. 

Now, based on years of research, 10+ studies, and original empirical data from over 2000+ real people's voices and experiences, I'm writing a book about the social and evidence science of developer teams.

Why this? 

It's never been more important to understand what really drives productivity on software teams -- and it's never been more clear that most engineering organizations aren't evidence-driven. Our world runs on code, but most of us never think about who is creating that code and under what circumstances. Good problem-solving environments for innovation will determine what we can solve now and in the future, and that starts with the social and evidence science of our teams.

Why me? 

I have a uniquely empathic and data-driven point of view on this topic. Having worked my own way out from a childhood with no access to education all the way to some of the most elite educational and technology organizations in the world, I've seen how teams and communities form and fall apart, and how meaningful measurement can change which path we take. I know what it's like to be mismeasured, and I also know what it takes to transform people and places into evidence-based practices that sustain real, authentic human wellbeing and innovation.

Reach out if you want to learn more and especially if you're interested in finding a home for it!  

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